How to recycle waste paper at home!

  • Step !: Shred The Paper

  • Add water to the mix

  • Grind the paper and make a pulp

  • Add some cornflour

  • Empty the mix in a sieve

  • Sponge the mix in the sieve

  • Keep sponging it till the paper has lost its extra moisture

  • Lay the mix out on a wooden plank, and cover it with another

  • Put some heavy weights on the top of the planksLet the paper set.

This is a little experiment my dad and I did at home, trying to recycle paper at home, achieving a handmade paper texture to it.
Thought the paper didn’t turn out perfect, I really enjoyed this mini-project of ours!
Try out the steps in the captions of the images and let me know how your results were!

Prachi Sarda

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